KUPO Grip Pricelist


Prices are correct at time of publication.
Prices shown below are in SGD and includes GST.

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Description Retail Price (SGD)


KUPO 021 2-in-1 Stand




KUPO 023AC Midi Pro Stand w/Air Cushion



KUPO 028 Single Handed Stand



KUPO 055 Handy Stand



KUPO 070AC Mini Click Stand w/Air Cushion - 2.1m (7ft)



KUPO 080AC Midi Click Stand w/Air Cushion 2.4m (8ft)



KUPO 195S Baby Kit Stand



KUPO 223K Background Stand Kit



KUPO 229MB Look Out Stand



KUPO CT-40MKB 40" C Stand Turtle Base Kit /BLK  *NEW*

including : CT-40M/B, KCP-200/B and KCP-241/B
Master Series C Stand Kits
w/Turtle Base (Quick Release C Stand)
including one grip arm and 2.5” grip head
2 riser, 3 sections
Dia. 35mm, 30mm, 25mm
Powder coated steel for black
Weight: 9.75KG
Max Load: 10KG
*Please note that only the black colour version is available


KUPO Bushing for 3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20 (1 pc)



KUPO GTM-550B Matt-surface Gaffer Tape 48mm x 50M /BLK

(Only Black colour is stocked)



KUPO KCP-101 Max Arm w/Adjust Handle  *NEW*

The Max arm is especially designed for lighting, video, film or stills use. The multi-positioning arm with 90° pivoting, 360° rotating ends and a 360° elbow rotation. The center ratcheted handle to control and lock all three movements, which allows partial loosening for safe and precise positioning of a small light fixture or camera exactly at the angle you need it. Both ends come with a ball joint 5/8”(16mm) studs; one is tapped for a 3/8” and the other is tapped for a 1/4”. It is so versatile that can be set at any awkward position or odd place.  
Maximum Height: 53cm (20.8”) / Weight1kg (2.21lbs) /  Maximum Load: 4kg (8.8lbs)


KUPO KCP-101K Max Arm Kit  *NEW*

(includes: Convi clamp KCP-710, Max Arm KCP-101, Camera Bracket KS-CB01 and backlite base 013BS)



KUPO KCP-101W Max Arm w/Hand Wheel  *NEW*

The function is as the same as KCP-101 Max Arm but with wheel handle which comes with rubber cover. This is standard accessory designed for KCP-101W for more comfortable and better torque while tightening the round knob especially for those users without gloves in cold working environment. This is made by silicon rubber which offers excellent weather durability for long-lasting operation.
Maximum Height: 53cm (20.8”) / Weight1kg (2.21lbs) /  Maximum Load: 4kg (8.8lbs)


KUPO KCP-102 Vision Arm 10" w/Shoe Mount

Detachable hot shoe adapter.

Length: 30cm (11.8") / Weight: 0.25 (0.55lbs)



KUPO KCP-103 Mini Vision Arm

Detachable hot shoe adapter.

Length: 18.7cm (7.3") / Weught: 0.2 (0.44lbs)




KUPO KCP-335 Mighty Jaw  *NEW*

An ideal mini clamp which can be used in a variety ways in the studio or on location.
Constructed by lightweight and sturdy die-casting aluminum, Mighty Jaw can mount onto planks or tubes size upto 35mm (1.38'')
with 1kg (2.2 LBS) loading capacity. Features a 16mm (5/8'') baby socket which can be connected with articulated arms to hold lightings,


KUPO KCP-710 Convi Clamp

Available in Silver or Black colour.

Please note that the Hex Stud is sold separately.

Weight: 0.45kg

Max Load: 20kg



KUPO KCP-730B Pincer Clamp 1/4"F & 3/8"F

Material: Aluminum
Included Attachment: Adapter 1/4’’-20 & 3/8’’-16
Fit tube size: 13mm - 35mm
Fit flat surface size: 5mm - 20mm



KUPO KCP-734B Super Claw w/Ball Head  *NEW*

Aluminum alloy clamp equipped with a ball head for connecting the super knuckle accessories. The adjustable jaws offer a great mounting solution which fitting for tube size from 13mm to 35mm or a flat object from 5 to 20mm.




KUPO KS-014 Hex Stud 3/8"-16M & 1/4"-20M

Solid bass hex camera stud is designed to Convi clamp.
It comes with 3/8”-16 male and 1/4’’-male thread to Mount camera directly to with a camera head.


KUPO KS-017 5/8" Stud 3/8"M & 1/4"M Thread

Universal 5/8’’ (16mm) stud w/ 3/8’’-16M and 1/4’’-20M



KUPO KS-039 Hot Shoe Adapter

It’s constructed by lightweight and durable aluminum providing a secure mounting option for virtually any type of shoe-mounted device - radio slaves, speedlights, light meters, etc. It also comes with spring-tensioned adjustment knob accepts to ensure strength and a secure fit to almost any flat foot of flash. Standard 1/4"-20 mounting thread is tapped on the bottom for quickly and easily attach to flash brackets, tripods, light stands, Convi clamps, etc.





KUPO KS-051 Adapter 1/4"-20M to 1/4"-20M

Dual male stud with standard 1/4” 20 tripod thread.



KUPO KS-052 Adapter 3/8"-16F to 1/4"-20M

Solid brass made small adapter that converts a 3/8’’-16 female thread to a 1/4’’-20 male thread.




KUPO KS-054 Adapter 1/4"-20M to 3/8"-16M

Dual male stud with 3/8’’ to 1/4’’ thread adapter.



KUPO KS-077 Baby Pin w/1/4"-20 Male Threaded Bolt  *NEW*

3.5 inch long 5/8'' baby stud with 1/4'''-20 male thread designed to screws into a 1/4-20 hole of small light, monitor or anything with 1/4''-20 female thread on Gobo head or Convi clamp.


KUPO KS-081 QR Adapter 1/4"-20 Male Thread  *NEW*




KUPO KS-085 1/4"-20 Quick Release Adapter

Features a fantastic spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism allows you to pull a 1/4''-20 top mount out of bottom portion just in a second. The aluminum built portion bottom with a 1/4''-20 female thread can be securely attached to any lighting or video accessory comes with 1/4''-20 male stud. The spring locking mechanism with hex-shaped receiverbuilt on the bottom portion not only keep the top mount from rotating but make it easy and quick to be attached or removed by just pushing the release red collar down.

Ideal for mounting monitors, lightings and mics on the articulated arms or anything comes with 1/4''-20 male thread. 



KUPO KS-086 Quick Release Adapter 5/8"W 1/4 Male Threaded



KUPO KS-300 Tethermate Laptop Platform

Tethermate is especially designed for professional photographer with a portable and temporary plate mounted on the stand for ‘’ Tethered Shooting’’ to connect DSLR with lap top.
It features an adapter beneath the plate with two 5/8’’ (16mm) baby receivers and 1/4’’ & 3/8’’female thread which can fit to stands, tripods, Convi. Clamp, Max arm in seconds.
With the advantages of lightweight aluminum material and the compact size 17.5’’X 11.7’’ ( 445mmX 297mm), Tethermate is the ideal tethering plate for studio and location
shooting especially for traveling instead of special dedicated base.
1. Two baby receivers are designed for horizontal and vertical application.
2. Built for ARCA style mounting sysytem.
3. Velcro is equipped through the holes for fastening any objects on the plate securely.
4. Round edge treatment of the plate for friendly user surrounding.



Aluminum die-casting double socket arm and ball head in each end which allows lock positively with centre knob offers an ultra-versatile solution for mounting and positioning.



KUPO KS-401 SUPER KNUCKLE W/ Baby Receiver  *NEW*

With the same function as KS-400 but with a 1/4’’-20 male thread on one end and baby receiver on the other.



KUPO KS-402 GoPro Holder Ball Head  *NEW*

This ball head features an aluminum GoPro mout allows you to mount your action camera on the super knuckle to a stand, tripod, suction cups, clamps and anywhere you need.



KUPO KS-412 Sq Plate Ball Head for Drill or Connect Use (50x55mm)  *NEW*

Made by durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, this square plate ( 55X 50mm) designed with the AMPS holes Pattern for nail or screws
giving options for mounting on a wall, ceiling or apple box. It comes with a ball head for connecting with the super knuckle accessories.


KUPO KSC-022 Dual Suction Cup with Die-casting Camera Bracket

Double suction cups equipped with rugged die-casting camera platform which comes with industrial standard 1/4’’-20 mounting screw allows all motorsport enthusiasts to quickly and easily create videos or photography. Ratcheted knobs are designed to tilt the camera platform without space limits.
Weight: 2.5kg
Max Load: 15kg