Peak Design® CapturePRO®


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What's in the box:

The CapturePRO® Camera Clip is our flagship camera carrying solution - a professional-quality camera clip with all the bells, whistles and compatibility options that a serious photographer or adventurer might want. The product includes everything you need to start carrying your camera on any strap or belt:

  • 1 CapturePRO® Camera Clip
  • 1 PROplate™ quick release plate (Choice of ARCA, DUAL or MICRO plate)
  • 1 microfiber pouch (for storing your clip)
  • 1 4mm hex wrench (for secure plate installation)




  • Holds any camera: Full-frame DSLR, Crop-sensor DSLR, compact mirrorless or point-and-shoot. Mount GoPro cameras with the POV Kit (sold seperately).
  • Attaches to any strap or belt: Works with straps up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) wide and 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) thick.
  • Converts to a tripod clamp: CapturePRO can be screwed atop your tripod and used as a quick-release clamp.
  • Strong enough for any physical activity: Quick-release lock withstands over 200 lbs. of force.
  • Works with tripods: All PROplates work with most ARCA®-type tripods. DUALplate also works with Manfrotto® RC2 tripods.
  • Change lenses with ease: Your camera locks into Capture in multiple directions, allowing fast lens changing.
  • Button safety lock: Twist the quick-release button to prevent theft and accidental drops.
  • Plate lock: Rigidly secures the quick-release plate in the clip for stabilization while taking POV video.
  • Ultralight, ultra-durable: Weatherproof powdercoated aluminum construction
    Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design

PROplate Features:

  • D-ring for sling strap compatibility: Load-bearing D-ring screw lets you attach sling straps like Leash or BlackRapid® straps.
  • Hand strap compatibility: Each plate has at least 1 hand strap loop, so you can use a hand strap and Capture at the same time.
  • Non-twist padding:
  • Special padding molds to the micro-contours on the base of your camera, preventing twisting.



Pick Your PRO Plate:

Capture comes preloaded with one of three pro-quality quick release plates:

  • ARCAplate - Capture's standard quick release plate fits in most ARCA-type tripod heads and slides into the Capture clip in 4 directions. It has 4 hand strap loops.
  • DUALplate - If you use a Manfrotto® RC2 tripod head, this is the plate for you! DUALplate works with Manfrotto RC2 and ARCA-type tripods, and slides into the Capture clip in 2 directions. It has 2 hand strap loops.
  • MICROplate - The MICROplate is a slimmed down version of the ARCAplate - ideal for compact-mirrorless and slim-body point-and-shoot cameras. MICROplate fits into ARCA-type tripod heads and slides into Capture in 2 directions. It has 2 hand strap loops.





  • SKU/Part Number: CCC-2.0PA (with ARCAplate), CCC-2.0PD (with DUALplate), CCC-2.0PM (with MICROplate)
  • CapturePRO Weight: 110g
  • ARCAplate Weight: 30g
  • DUALplate Weight: 30g
  • MICROplate Weight: 22g
  • Clip Dimensions: 4.1 in (10.4 cm) x 2.05 in (5.2 cm) x 1.1 in (2.8 cm)