XB Series Ballheads

 SUNWAYFOTO team launches XB series of superior low-profile ball head, which is original designed and to be patented, specially offered for professional photographers and photographic enthusiasts all over the world. It took us over 2 years of researches and development with great concentration.(with patent)

SUNWAYFOTO made the FB series ballhead balls from ellipsoidal form closer to spherical form.
At present, most ballheads have a 0.07mm longer Y-axis diameter of the ball. The advantage of this design is to increase the resistance while the ball is sliding to the side. This is to avoid the risk of the ball suddenly sliding down. 

But SUNWAYFOTO made the ball Y-axis diameter 0.03mm longer than the X-axis. The advantage of this change is to make the operation more smoothly while retaining the previous advantage.    
The XB series adopt a two drop notch design. One for portrait, one for tilting.

SUNWAYFOTO continue to adopt all metal materials knob, so that make the operation more smoothness, and also enhance the reliability and durability.



 Low-Profile Ballhead XB-44

 Low-profile Ballhead XB-52

 Ball Diameter: 44mm  Ball Diameter: 52mm
 Panning Base Diameter: 58mm  Panning Base Diameter: 68mm
 Height: 79mm  Height: 91mm
 Weight: 483g  Weight: 685g
 Max Load: 40kg  Max Load: 60kg
 Mounting Thread: UNC 3/8"-16  Mounting Thread: UNC 3/8"-16
 Clamp Type: Screw-Knob Clamp  Clamp Type: Screw-Knob Clamp


 Low-Profile Ballhead


 Low-Profile Ballhead


 Ball Diameter: 44mm

 Ball Diameter: 52mm

 Pan Base Diameter: 58mm

 Pan Base Diameter: 68mm

 Height: 81.8mm

 Height: 92mm

 Weight: 470g

 Weight: 706g

 Max Load: 40kg

 Max Load: 60kg

 Bottom thread: UNC 3/8"-16

 Bottom thread: UNC 3/8"-16

 Clamp Type:

 Panning Clamp DDH2

 Clamp Type:

 Panning Clamp DDH3



Features of the XB-Series

XB Series ballheads have a low center of gravity design



 Externally mounted spirit level



 Friction adjustment button on main knob



XB Series ballheads features 2 drop notch design




XB-44 mounted on the Gitzo GT3541 tripod




* For Models with Panning Clamp Only.

Precision Panning Base with integral clamp and bubble level for smooth and level panning. This Panning Clamp is made by high precise CNC machining center according to the military standard, and compatible with Arca-swiss standard quick-release plates.

The scale with laser-engraved centering index marks can precisely master any angle variation during each shoot in horizontal rotation, the aligned scale of quick-release plate can accurately control the nodal point during the panoramic photography in different focal lengths. So that the panoramic photography could be more accurate and high efficient.