Phottix Flexi-Flash Accessory Kit


Get creative with the Phottix Flexi-Flash Accessory Kit. Four, easy-to-carry light modifers. What’s included?

  • Two-sided silver/white flexible reflector - bend and direct light where you want it.
  • Pop-up softbox. No difficult assembly required. Make on-the-go portraits easy.
  • Seven color softbox diffusers for special effects. (White, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple)
  • Honeycomb grid. Allows you to focus light for a spotlight-type effect. 
All the Flexi-Flash accessories attach to hot shoe flash heads with a removable magic tape strap. Great for on-camera or off-camera - the Phottix Flexi-Flash Accessory Kit gives photographers a lot of options in small package