Urban Disguise Attachment Straps

Add the Urban Disguise Attachment Straps to any Urban Disguise V2.0 shoulder bag to expand its capacity. This set accessory straps attaches one or two small Modular, Skin, or Multimedia components to either side of an Urban Disguise V2.0 bag. Two of the six straps attach to the bottom of the bag for carrying a small to medium size tripod.

Top Features:

  • Allows attachment of some Modular, Skin, or Multimedia components to the sides of Urban Disguise V2.0 bags
  • Allows attachment of a tripod to the bottom of Urban Disguise V2.0 bags
  • Webbing end roll-up tabs keep excess straps out of the way

Gear Profile:

  • Compatible with Urban Disguise V2.0 shoulder bags
  • Compatible with the following Think Tank components:
  • All the Other Stuff
  • LARGE Lens Drop In
  • LC 75 Pop Down
  • Lens Changer 15
  • Lens Changer 25
  • Lens Changer 50
  • Lens Drop In
  • Lightning Fast
  • Modular Pouch
  • RU Thirsty
  • Whip It Out
  • Skin 50
  • Skin 75 Pop Down
  • Skin Strobe
  • Multimedia Audio Recorder
  • Multimedia Headphone Hook
  • Multimedia Mic Drop In

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: All 6 straps—4.5 oz (129 g)
  • Kit includes: Two (2) Side Support Straps; Two (2) Side Compression Straps; Two (2) Tripod Straps