Markins Lens Plates

Markins plate features:

  • International standard of 45 mm dove-tail plate
  • Anti-twist flange effectively prevents from any pivoting between the plate and cameras and/or lenses
  • Made of highest quality duralumin, scratch resistant hard-anodized surface
  • Safe and ergonomically rounded corners and edges
  • Light-weight, low-profile, and strong enough to support your camera and lens system
  • Compatible with other major manufacturers' Arca-Swiss style clamps


Model Dimension WxLxH (mm) Weight (g) Type For Camera For Lens

PL55 38×60×8 42 Vertical Contax Medium, Hasselblad 200mm or less

PL75 37×74×10.5 50 Vertical - Lens with 2 bolt holes

PL90 38×92×8 47 Vertical - 300mm or more

PL12 38×120×9 60 Vertical - 400mm or more

PL15 38×150×9 74 Vertical - 400mm or more

LN20 50×70×30 72 Vertical - Nikon AF-S VR 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED

Go to Markins website for more details about each plate.