Markins Ballheads

Markins ballheads' features:

  • High capacity, low weight mechanism
  • Progressive friction control Bi-Axial Mechanism.
  • Light and compact
  • Fluid style main tension knob for smooth and easy operation
  • Engraved degree markings for panoramic photography
  • Smoothly rounded edges and hard Anodized surface.
  • Ergonomic simple design.
  • Only one Markins Ballhead is enough for 35mm, medium format, view camera and long telephoto Lens.
  • Go to Markins website for more details.


Model Quick Release Panning Max Torque Colours Recommendation
mm mm kg kg kgf-cm
Q3 Emille QR-48S or QL-48 Yes 38 89 0.375 30 150 Black, Blue or Red Small SLRs and medium range zoom lenses
Q3 Traveler QR-48S or QL-48 Yes 38 89 0.368 30 150 Black, Blue or Red Same as Q3 Emille, but custom designed for Gitzo Traveler series tripods
Q10 QR-60S or QL-60 Yes 44 98 0.490 45 225 Black, Blue or Red Medium size SLRs with medium range telephoto lenses
Q20 QR-60S or QL-60 Yes 48 102 0.555 50 250 Black Large pro-size SLRs with long telephoto lenses