Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger


The PHOTTIX Aster Wireless Flash Trigger Set is used to remotely fire camera flashes. The Aster transmitter unit emits a wireless radio signal to the Aster receiver unit when the camera’s shutter is triggered. This signal fires the flash attached to the receiver, depending on the radio channel selected. The receiver can also be optically triggered with a camera’s built-in flash or other flash unit. This allows you to take off-camera flash photographs without using radio triggering.


  • The receiver unit has two operating modes: In ‘W’ (wireless) mode the receiver unit is triggered by the wireless transmitter unit. In ‘L’ (light) mode the receiver unit is triggered optically by another flash – an optical sensor is on the back of the receiver unit.
  • Four radio channels (for ‘W’ wireless mode) are available to avoid interference.
  • When using ‘W’ wireless mode: Setting the transmitter’s channel selection switch to “ALL” will fire the flashes on all receiver units within range, even if set to different channels.
  • The transmitter and receiver units have an on/off switch, and an LED to indicate operation and triggering.
  • The receiver unit’s hotshot mount will accept speedlight-type flash units. The metal tripod thread underneath the receiver unit can be used for mounting the unit on a tripod or light stand.
  • The receiver unit’s PC Sync socket will take a 3.5mm mono plug. The included 3.5mm PC Sync cable can connect the receiver unit to a studio strobe when using the 6.35mm PC adapter (included).
  • Supported Modes: Manual, Non TTL Auto.


  • Transmitter:
    • Battery type: 23A (12V Mini Battery, included)
    • Standby current: 0uA, working current: 1mA
    • Connection: 3.5mm socket for PC Sync cord
    • Trigger life: 20,000 times; Standby time: one year
  • Receiver:
    • Battery type: CR2 3V battery
    • Standby current: 0uA, working current: 600uA
    • Receiver connection: 3.5 mm socket for PC Sync cord
  • Flash PC Sync cord with 3.5 mm plug and a 6.3 mm plug adapter
  • Operating distance: W (wireless) mode 30m (100 ft.) in open areas, L (light) mode 10m
  • Sync speed: Varies from 1/125s to 1/250s depending on the sync speed of flashes/strobes and types of camera
  • Operation Frequency: 433 MHz


  • Nikon SB-28DX
  • Nikon SB-600
  • Nikon SB-800
  • Nikon SB-900
  • Canon 430 EXII
  • Canon 580 EX
  • Canon 580 EX II
  • Sony HLV-F56AM with adapter
  • Pentax AF-540FGZ
  • Samsung SET-36ZF
  • Olympus FL-36
  • YN 460
  • Vivitar 3200A
  • Vivitar SB-4/283
  • Nissin Di866
  • Only Sigma "Super" flashes
  • Sunpak PZ242X

Note: Due to similar frequencies that Phottix Tetra and Aster Flash Triggers, and Phottix Cleon I/II Wireless Remotes use, they may not work together properly. Consider a Phottix Plato or Strato if you require a wireless shutter release for use with your Phottix Tetra or Aster.